How To Accessorize & Style Boho Chic

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“Boho Chic” describes a style that includes flowy clothing, vintage and ethnic-inspired accessories, and natural-looking hair and makeup. The phrase became popular in 2002, when Australian journalist Laura Demasi used it to describe the eclectic gypsy look that was then in vogue.Although it’s been over 10 years since Demasi’s article, Boho Chic is still a popular style.


accessorize your Style to Look Boho Chic :

here we will demonstrate  the well-known accessorizing  way  that will style you Boho Chic .

Boho-Chic is all about layers and colors, and accessories are an important part of this .

Wear bracelets. Bracelets are a must-have for the Boho Chic style. Thin silver bangles and colorful, woven Mexican bracelets are amongst the most popular types. For a creative twist, you could also wear wooden bangles.

  • You can also wear bracelets (also known as armbands) on your upper arms: braided and metal armbands are popular.

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Wear dangly earrings. Boho Chic earrings are dangly and often combine metal and natural stones. They can also include feathers and leather. As with everything that is Boho Chic, seek out natural shades and materials.

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Wear a necklace. Boho Chic necklaces range in lengths, but what they’re composed of is generally the same: natural materials and colors.

  • Leather, metals, stones, shells, fringe, cottons and wools are common materials. (These are also common materials for earrings and bracelets.)
  • Ethnic-inspired pieces are particularly popular.

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Get at least one hat. Fedoras and floppy, wide-brimmed hats are popular in Boho Chic, as are crocheted caps. Floppy, wide-brimmed hats in neutral tones are often paired with long dresses, or with flowy tops and short shorts.

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Buy a headband. Floral headbands were hugely popular in summer 2015. Other types of head pieces that are popular include braided headbands and chain tiaras.

  • Tying scarves or bandanas around your hair or wearing them as headbands is also popular.

Get a colorful handbag. Colorfully patterned handbags as well as handbags with fringe and tassels are popular Boho Chic choices. As with everything Boho Chic, aim for natural fabrics and shades.

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Wear vintage-style sunglasses. Big sunglasses in varying shapes are key elements of Boho Chic. Round glasses and aviators are quite popular, but anything big and vintage-looking will do — choose what looks best on your face!

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Don’t overdo it. Select your accessories carefully, taking your entire outfit into consideration. You want to make sure that a) your accessories match the tone of your outfit, and b) they aren’t competing with each other.

  • You don’t need to wear five necklaces with big stone pendants on them: just choose the one that looks best with your outfit.
  • You probably don’t want to wear a chain tiara with jeans and a simple white top. It would be more appropriate with a summery maxi dress.


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