Most Charming Boho Gemstone Beaded Necklaces you must Check

Artisan Boho Necklace Handmade with Electroplated Druzy Amethyst Crystal Pendant Bead, Amethyst Nuggets, Lilac Jasper and Gold Accents

This showy natural amethyst crystal pendant has gold electroplating and measures 53mm x 46mm x a very deep 35mm. A skilled pendant craftsman was needed to modify such a crystal into a pendant shape.

Zane – African Turquoise Tibetan Agate Necklace


Zane” is a new addition to our evolution collection. African turquoise,Tibetan agate, wood and brass spacer beads, with a wire wrapped tusk. Necklace is available in 24″ or 30″ lengths. Coordinating bracelets sold separately. 

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