Most Charming Boho Beaded necklaces for a fascinating Nature inspired look

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The long necklaces are very appropriate for chic and fitted outfits. Many working ladies could take advantage of their beauty because they could easily be combined with a dressy shirt or trousers.
Nowadays, we see that wide-legged pants are so trendy, therefore you can style your long unique necklaces with such pants and end up with a very chic and modern style.

Heart of the Forest Stone Pendant Necklace

Heart Of The Forest Stone Pendant Necklace

Azure Sky Pendant Beaded Necklace

Serenity Gold Chocker Pearl Necklace

Viola Amethyst Pendant Beaded Necklace

Golden Arrowhead Pendant Gemstone Beaded Necklace

Ancient Stones Boho Beaded Pendant Necklace

Purple Haze Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Ocean Wales Onyx necklace from Treasure Jewelry

You can wear them all year round with no effort. For example, in the summer times if you prefer to dress up with brighter white clothes, then get yourself a colorful long necklace and make your outfit more eye-catching and playful.

Sea Drops Turquoise Necklace from Treasure Jewelry

These turquoise Tear Drop long necklaces from Treasure Jewelry have a delicate chain and Unique Style TearDrops Seeds. They will definitely give a twist to any of your styles because of the trendy Necklaces. In addition, they are very to pair up with other jewelry pieces

Starfish Pendant Necklace from Treasure Jewelry

This is for the beach lovers who enjoys the laid back life with this unique sea star pendant necklace, handmade with natural Chrysanthemum, Pyrite, Jasper, and Agate.

MoonStone Beauty Necklace from Treasure Jewelry

Starry Nights lapis lazuli Pendant Necklace

The classic gilded azure Necklace features a stunning lagoon blue-green Ocean Jasper pendant stone and complimentary beadwork.

 This Fascinating Necklace is Hand made with different types of natural semi-precious gemstone beads such as Agate, Turquoise, Ocean Jasper, Jasper, and Amazonite. It is 32 inches (33 inches ) long. This is a perfect gift for your loved ones!

Luxury Purple Necklace

Luxury Purple Necklace, Hand made from a fascinating mix of natural stones with Glowing Colors inspired by the beautiful Roses

Wild Beauty Arrowhead Necklace

 Feel The Wild Beauty with one of the perfectly Hand Made and Unique Beaded Necklaces you will not find anywhere

Natural Tiger Eye Beads and Obsidian Arrow Head Charm Reflect the magic of the wild and the beauty of tribal Gypsy Members.

Leaf Pendant Amazonite Beaded Necklace

Boho Leaves Necklace

 This is for the Nature lovers who enjoy the Green Inspired life with this unique Big stone Leaf Pendant Necklace, handmade with natural Stones and full of beautiful natural colors.

Natural Big Jasper Leaf Charm added on fascinating Amazonite beads with long Boho style

Aurora Borealis – Boho Onyx Necklace

This splendid Boho Beaded Necklace is carefully handmade with Natural Orange / Blue Onyx Stone Beads. It features a Fascinating Oval Crystal Shell Shinning with a magical wave of natural Mixed colors giving you the Charming Natural Inspired Beauty

African Jungles Leaf Pendant hand made with high quality African Turquoise Beaded Necklace

African Jungles – African Turquoise Beads Leaf Pendant Boho Necklace

This is for the Nature lovers who enjoys the Green Inspired life with this unique Big stone Leaf Pendant Necklace, handmade with natural Stones and full of beautiful natural colors.

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