Treasure Jewelry

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Treasure Jewelry

Handmade and Inspired By The Charming Nature

“Boho Jewelry,For the Jet Setters and Dream Chasers ,
Those with a Wild Spirit and a Gypsy Soul”


Our exquisite new arrivals collection of natural stone handmade jewelry.

Each piece is meticulously crafted to showcase the unique beauty of nature’s gems , From vibrant agates to serene amethysts, our collection captures the essence of elegance and sophistication

Treasure jewelry Boho Handmade Jewelry

“Our vision is a world more connected to nature, our true selves, each other, and our true callings.”

All our Boho Handmade Jewelry are one of a kind , made by working Artisans at their homes  , Each stone has been carefully selected with the best quality to give you a truly unique handmade Piece .

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