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Variscite Jasper leather wrap bracelet with charms

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Inspire your Gypsy Style with a Breathtaking Variscite Sea leather wrap bracelet with charms

This Natural Inspired Hand Made Variscite Sea Sediment Charm Leather Wrap Bracelet is specially made for Boho stylish queens who are looking for the unique style in their jewelry

  • Full of Natural colors To inspiring your Nature’s Sourced Beauty!
  • This Bohemian Multilayered Colorful Leather Wrap Bracelet with charms is carefully handmade with Natural Gemstones added on Genuine leather strands.
  • It features a Fascinating Mix of Boho Artful Colors adding that Charming Natural Inspired Beauty.

This leather wrap bracelet with charms is handmade with natural stones, because of that the shape and color of the beads might be slightly different than in the picture; this is what makes this Bracelet unique, just like you!

  • Materials:  Yellow Green Variscite Sea Sediment Jasper Stone , Mixed Crystal, and stone Beads added on genuine Leather Strands
  • Size32.5 inches strand long +3 adjustable closures;
  • Handmade Artwork
  • Made with Love and Carefully Manufactured

Jasper Stones :

Jasper is a variety of chalcedony, a mineral in the quartz family, known for its beautiful colors and unique patterns. There are many types of jasper stones, including red jasper, picture jasper, brecciated jasper, mookaite jasper, and many more.

Jasper stones come in a wide range of colors, such as red, yellow, brown, green, and even blue. The colors and patterns of jasper stones are caused by mineral impurities and the presence of other substances during their formation.

Jasper stones are known for their smooth, cool touch, and are often used in jewelry, the main sources of jasper stones are found all around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Madagascar. Each source may have its unique types of jasper stones, and their colors and patterns may vary depending on the location.

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Sizing :

How to Wrap :

Step 1: Hold the sterling silver plated button between your thumb and pointer finger. By holding the button towards the inside of your palm it will allow the closure to lay at the bottom of your twist.

Step 2: Start to wrap the bracelet around your wrist by crossing over the top of your hand from your thumb to pinky. Continue wrapping around your wrist five times for a classic five wrap bracelet.

Step 3: At the opposite end of your wrap bracelet you will find three knotted button holes that allow you to choose the length that fits your wrist best. Once you have wrapped your bracelet around your wrist five times, the button hole extension will lie at the bottom of your wrist. Hold the button holes In place while bringing the sterling silver button to meet as shown in the photo. Slide the button through the button hole that is best for you…and VOILA!
Repeat these steps to layer your favorite complimenting wrap bracelets to complete your look!

Still Need Help ?, check this video here

How to measure your wrist size:

You’ll need Flexible measuring tape or ruler / String or strip of paper + pen or marker.

Option 1: Use a flexible measuring tape.
With your palm open and facing up, wrap the measuring tape around your wrist, just above your wrist bone. Note down the measurement of your wrist size.

Option 2: Use a string.
With your palm open and facing up, wrap the string or strip of paper around your wrist, just above your wrist bone. Mark where the ends meet with a pen or a marker. Next, lay the string or piece of paper flat and measure it to where you’ve made the mark to find your wrist size and note it down.

Using the wrist measurement you’ve just found, find the chart for your preferred bracelet type to see which bracelet size corresponds with your wrist size.

2 reviews for Variscite Jasper leather wrap bracelet with charms

  1. Maria L.

    Awesome !

    Image #1 from Maria L.
  2. Melinda Gomez (verified owner)

    I was so excited to receive the bracelet I ordered! The quality and craftswoman ship exceeded my already high expectations! Thank you so much for this exquisite piece!

    Image #1 from Melinda Gomez
    Image #2 from Melinda Gomez
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All our Jewelry is made by hand and one of a kind, Each stone has been carefully selected with the best quality to give you a truly unique Bohemian Style

Verified ownerVerified owner

The stone is very pretty. The band is lightweight--a "squeeze together to fit" style, but tolerably comfortable.

2 years ago
Jackie Roughton
Verified ownerVerified owner

Love my bracelet! Love the colors, the size and the leather. Will definitely order from this company again.

2 years ago
Image #1 from Alison B.
Alison B.

Took some time to arrive. Likely due to covid 19. Love it though

3 years ago


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